ACCSYS INNOVATION (Access Control Systems) over several years has developed an excellent software called "Track Accsys" this system provided through the latest technology: Radio Frequency Identification RFID system for tracking and monitoring certain "items", such as be fixed assets, records, boxes, transport units, documents, etc.. After a study companies on their control of "ITEMS" we realized that one of the most arduous and strenuous task is to inventory, for this reason we took on the task of creating "Accsys-Track" system safe, high quality, versatile, agile and easy to use that not only serves to inventory if it contains different modules to control inputs and outputs or the receipt thereof. In contrast to other rigid systems and that sold as single installation package, we adapt to customer needs, if the customer after using the system decides that requires a new module that needs to be covered 100% we develop. Most control systems for fixed assets is managed with a bar code, in our case we handle RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) what is the reason? Very simple, as I commented something very important to us is the safety and agility of the system.


Security: The system works with RFID chips that are impossible to falsify the opposite of the bar code.

see comparative video:






Goods.-catalog is the main software which houses all the list of "Items" that are in our database, we in the discharge, remove or modify, enable us to see information as a list or a breakdown detailed, this catalog of goods in its detailed breakdown display supports us in two parts, the first is the accountant and the second is the physical part of the assets, the book has the following fields:



 Control Portals



This module has the ability to identify each asset, whatever it may be. This control is carried from a Tablet or a Laptop, PC or Server.. In the case of Assets with movement one of its main advantages is that if an item comes out as a laptop without the original owner the system will issue a visual, audible alarm and with the option of sending an SMS message to the true owner of the equipment to give notice.
  also be validated with portable readers and it can read its assets, such as work zones simulating supervision or surveillance. The control portal operates with fixed 3G or Wifi readers. 3G readers: By having a Tablet 3G as a portable reader or within the control portals a connection with TCP / IPv4 protocol is generated, the readings made with this device will fall directly to a server or PC in the "Accsys Track" system and You can see the information in real time.





Consecutive Original
Low Status
Discharge date
Active Class
Date Acquisition
Months of Life
Monthly Depreciation
Accounting Cost Center
Status of Asset
Annual Depreciation
Equipment Code
Depreciation type
Start date
Value Books




 Type of Condiliaton




Consecutive Physicist
Date of Physical
name user
Physical Cost Center
State of conservation
Previous Plate
Catalog of employees.
Provisional label
Type of User
(Multiple or single user)
Bar Tag.
Region Key
Physical description
Folio Guard



BrandImage of the Document (s) or the Asset

In addition to this we can also export this information to Excel for a more complete management.


Catalog Employees or staff:

In the employee catalog, we can take control of all the personnel that guard an asset or an item with fields that are not as detailed as: 


Employee password
Position held
Of extension


 Catalogue Members: 


Instead Catalog of employees for personal control of the catalog is aimed at users who use the system "Accsys Track", for

example, "ALDO GARCIA ARAMBURU" is an employee discharged in the catalog of employees but the same will be using the

system then is given an ID and password so he can manage certain parts of the system because in this catalog

can give users permissions for who and where you can enter, each person in the system.



It contains the following fields: 


User Name (Nick)                    Password                 Officer (Employee)         Permissions




Other catalogs: 


Low Status
Asset class
Type of settlement
Key area
Type of depreciation
User type
Active Status




As discussed previously and process section is where you find all the possible actions to do with the software and create inventory, view reports, import a database,

all the settings, see the guards, creating a shelter, and so on.




Inventory Module.

"Accsys Track" has an inventory module with which you can create your inventory of any area with your company or winery also has the option to do so by employees, or if you have the area of "executives" you will know with voters in real time if there are all "ITEMS" from that area or if one was moved or in the case of making the personal inventory,

you will know if the assets of each of their employees actually was assigned him or if you change for someone else..




Module import database.

The import module was created primarily to avoid recapture data, ie if you already have all the information assets, employees, areas, etc. In Excel data sheets, easily the system "Accsys Track" can be imported all that information to the database by completing all necessary catalogs without the need to capture record by record.




Module inputs and outputs. (Customs)

This module was designed primarily to control inputs and outputs of the "items", with this tool you can view real-time entering and leaving the place, you may deny access or egress, ie, when passing a "ITEM "with access denied on the computer screen we see a broad description of the asset as:




No. chip.
Computer code.
User assigned
No. floor.
Acquisition Date.
Image of the asset.


In case of leaving an ITEM, Laptop or Document sends an SMS message alerting the supervisor or the security people.


Registration of Entries and Exits.


An additional section to the Entries and Exits is the registration of these in this module we can see what came in or came out in a range of dates, we can also filter this information, in addition to looking for a record access or left the place.



Synchronize Module

This module was specially made for the lifting of Assets or items Using a Tablet or Hand Held special for reading by radio frequency which has an extension of the
 "Accsys Track" system, which stores and allows to visualize in real time the inventory that we already do be it by personnel or by area.




Resguardos Module

This module will allow you to see the receipts that have been created by the folionumber of resguardo itself can disenroll an employee granting another all their
assets, the system will automatically throw a format ready to be signed by both parties delivery and who receives.




Create a new receipt.

"Accsys Track" will also allow you to create a new receipt giving you a documentwhich the owner will have to sign for received for the goods that were delivered,and

is associated with image and photography, Requirements to install ACCSYS-TRACK.






Minimum requirements
    Hardware   Processor 2.0 GHz Celeron double core (or similar) 1 Gb hard disk space RAM memory 2 Gb     software Windows Xp Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 .NET Framework 4.5.2
Recommended Requirements
    Hardware   2.0 GHz iCore 3 processor (or similar) 1 Gb hard disk space RAM memory 4 Gb       software Windows 7 .NET Framework 4.5.2  
Requerimientos Mínimos
      Hardware Procesador 2.0 GHz Celeron  doble nucleo (o similar) Espacio en disco duro de 1 Gb Memoria RAM de 2 Gb   Software Windows XP Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 .NET Framework 4.5.2
Requerimientos Recomendados 
    Hardware Procesador 2.0 GHz iCore 3 (o similar) Espacio en disco duro de 1 Gb Memoria RAM de 4 Gb   Software Windows 7 .NET Framework 4.5.2