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Face recognition temperature measuring






Vertical temperature measurement face recognition access management module, Excellent to detect Covid-19

Product introduction:

FACE TEMP facial temperature measurement system is a world-class

infrared temperature application Sensor temperature detection

module and top face recognition algorithm development of

The Academy of Sciences Products, the device uses an infrared

temperature sensor to detect the overall temperature distribution

of the face. Body temperature calculation, greatly improving

human body temperature fast and accurate non-contact sieve

Check, while using near infrared live detection and visible light face

recognition technology, The application greatly improves the

efficiency of living body detection and the accuracy of face

recognition.Support 1: 1 and 1: N mode switching, based on Android7.1 and later It runs in the system environment with fast face recognition speed, high accuracy, and high security.

Features such as high comprehensiveness and good stability. This product is a dedicated face

Rapid temperature detection product and can replace traditional thermometers on the market


Application scenario:



Schools, canteens, hospitals, office buildings, customs, government units, tourist attractions, factories, construction sites, health care projects, etc.


  • Face temperature detection at the same time, fast and accurate
  • Face recognition attendance application
  • Open io signal, Wiegand signal, rs485, rs232 signal control
  • Support offline use
  • Supports guest machine reservations, WeChat public account visitor self-service reservations, user face registration support access card / ID card reader
  • Support 1: n verification, binocular live detection in 1: n mode to prevent photo and video attacks;
  • In the case of reading an external ID card, it supports 1: 1 verification, and the recognition pass rate is 99.99% under 1: 1 verification;
  • 1: n pattern recognition accuracy is high, when the face database is 5000, the misrecognition rate is 1 in 10,000, and the pass rate is 99.87%;
  • Fast recognition speed, face tracking and detection takes about 20ms, live detection speed is about 200ms, face feature extraction takes about 150ms, face
  • Comparison takes about 400ms
  • Adopts dynamic face detection and tracking recognition algorithms based on video streams; supports offline storage of 100,000 face photos and recognition records;
  • Support face recognition scene photo saving;
  • Support serial port, Wiegand output, output configuration support configuration;
  • Support offline LAN device deployment, online HTTP transmission cloud deployment; support full black environment ir face detection and fill light recognition;
  • Supports light-sensing synergy at night;
  • Support external QR code scanner, ID card / ic card reader; support screen display content configuration, custom company name; support identification distance configuration. 
  • Support interface docking and support customization;
  • Ambient ambient temperature: 20-35 degrees (medical environment), because the surface temperature of the human body is no more than 15 degrees below room temperature, and it is not accurate no matter how it is compensated
  • Recognition height 2-2.2 m
  • Recognition distance 30-50cm (body temperature test distance)
  • Face angle 30 degrees left and right, 30 degrees up and down
  • Identification technology Near-infrared live detection, embedded visible light face recognition, adapt to most indoor and outdoor environments, can be on the move
  • Quick identification
  • Face recognition time: 20ms for detection and tracking, 300-500ms for accurate temperature detection: 2-3 seconds / personal temperature detection accuracy up to ± 0.3 ℃


Status display name broadcast display, custom information broadcast display shows 30,000 face libraries (expandable)

physical dimension.

Bracket Picture

Wall mount

Technical Dimension

camera Resolution 200w pixels
Types of Binocular wide dynamic camera
Focusing distance 50-150cm
White balance automatic
screen size 7.0 inch ips LCD screen
Resolution 800×1280
processor CPU rk3288 quad-core / rk3399 six-core / msm8953 eight-core
Local storage EMMC 8G
Accessories Fill light led and infrared dual fill light
interface Network module Support Ethernet, wireless (wifi)
Audio Supports 2.5w / 4r speakers
usb interface 1 way usb otg, 1 way usb host standard a port
Serial communication interface 1 rs232 serial port
Relay output 1 door open signal output
Wiegand interface 1 Wiegand 26/34 output, 1 Wiegand 26/34 input
Upgrade button Support Uboot upgrade button
Wired network interface 1x rj45 Ethernet socket
Features Face Detection Supports detection and tracking of multiple people at the same time
Face library support Up to 30,000
1: n face recognition stand by
1: 1 face comparison stand by
Stranger detection stand by
Identify distance configuration stand by
UI interface configuration stand by
Remote device upgrade stand by
Device interface Interfaces include device management, personnel / photo management, record query, etc.
Deployment method Support public cloud deployment, privatized deployment, LAN use, stand-alone use
Infrared temperature sensor Human temperature detection stand by
Temperature detection distance 0.3-0.5 m
Module Temperature measurement accuracy ≤ ±0.3℃
Temperature measurement range 10℃~42℃
Visitor temperature is normal and direct stand by
Body temperature over temperature alarm Support (temperature alarm value can be set)
General parameters Protection class ip65, certain outdoor dustproof and waterproof function
power supply DC12V(±10%)
Operating temperature ﹣10℃~60℃
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Power consumption 13.5W(Max)
Installation method Gate Bracket / Vertical Bracket / Wall Mount Bracket / Glass Hanger
Equipment size 238.24*128*25(mm)



The interface of each terminal is defined as follows:

Terminal electrical definition Realy   Terminal electrical definition Wigan   Terminal electrical definition  485 serial port
Pin1 NO   Pin1 BELL+   Pin1 5V
Pin2 COM   Pin2 BELL-   Pin2 GND
Pin3 NC                                     Pin3 GND   Pin3 485CB
    Pin4 WGA2   Pin4 485CA
    PIN5 WGA1      

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